My Outlook on America and Immigration

T H E • E U N I T E D • S T A T E S

•Created by imperialists whose empire was founded on slavery; has never kicked the habit of imperialism, nor her taste for cheap labour

•After “abolishing” slavery, has relied on the more fashionable wage slavery, which she has historically imported from poor countries; whereas, abroad, she has established international trade agreements to dominate and exploit foreign labour markets

•Has a love/hate relationship with immigration: while her people enjoy cheap goods and services, and are generally sympathetic to the children of the under-the-table immigrants upon whom they rely (considering them a casualty that must be addressed); her politicians have sold her out-sourced working class a story about job theft, but their real concern is the threat of reverse colonisation (otherwise known as ethnic backwash) from people whose cultures may not share the same values, or otherwise threaten to undermine the status of her privileged citizens

•Has a culture that currently embraces the Western philosophies that have granted her people the bill of rights, but thanks to her long history of meddling with world affairs in order to secure her national (imperial) interests, risks losing that culture, as refugees from around the world are flooding in and, in juxtaposition with her vast numbers of imported labour, has sparked fears that, in little time, both her identity and her laws may change, too (which has created something of an existential crisis, for some)

•Has disturbed oligarchs who are concerned that the increase in demands for more of her finite financial resources, created by the influx of poor immigrants displaced by the securement of her national interests, threatens to strain resources that are already spread too thin which, in turn, threatens to redistribute resources from those who can afford it; thus either placing the oligarchs recent tax cuts in jeopardy, or shifting a devastating burden onto the real job creators and investors in America’s future: the middle class.