On A Lighter Note


Encephalofelinus –

Pronounced: in-se-fə-lō-fē-lī-nəss

Encephalofelinus (or ECF) is the often terminal, yet treatable condition of simply having “too many cats on the brain”.

Symptoms may include: Exhaustive online inquiries of cat or kitten based imagery (promptly followed by compulsive and relentless posting of such material), incessant inclusion of cats into every conversation, and Lolspeak.

“If you suffer from encephalofelinus, you know who you are. For our sake, and your own, please, get help. Do it now. Before it’s too late.”

[This message is brought to you in part by: The Online Community Against Lolspeakers; Every Dog In The World and; The Society Of Jealous Pets Who Believe That All Cats Are Over-Rated Narcissistic Furballs Who Hog All Our Masters Attention And Whose Litter Boxes Stink and; viewers like you.]

“I used to be a sufferer of ECF, but now there’s help.”

“It’s called…. Felestra®.”

“Felestra® is the only drug FDA approved to treat my ECF!”

“There is no known cure for encephalofelinus. But thanks to Felestra®, now I am in control of my kitten cravings.”

“Since I started taking Felestra®, my friends are talking to me again!”

Felestra® is not right for everyone. Ask your doctor if Felestra® is right for you!”

[Side effects may include itching; sneezing; fever; watery eyes; swelling of the thyroid glands; chronic kitten-based hallucinations; acute insomnia due to a need to pick up all of the bouncing kitties and; uncontrollable purring.]

“Felestra®. It’s kitties in a capsule.”

“Now in easy-to-swallow, extra strength LiquiGels!”

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