Straw Dogs


Many have asked me: “What is your obsession with context and the bigger picture? Why does it matter why we think the way they think? Why do we need to know why we’re right and they’re wrong? Shouldn’t just being right be enough?”

Well the answer is simple:

My biggest problem is that sometimes we join the right side, or arrive at the right conclusions, for all the wrong reasons. And to me, that’s tantamount to working for the other side, because it ultimately leaves us vulnerable to the opposition: either by our inability to formulate a solid argument in our defense, or by our incredibility as a witness.

And this does happen to us, mind you, time and time again: The weakest among us are often selected as straw dogs by major networks, easily knocked down by tactically chosen, well-paid, veritable bulldogs on national television.

No, if we truly wish to be positive witnesses, it should be to educate ourselves as much as possible in those things that we openly admit we believe in. And if not, it is better that we should bite our tongues, lest someone call us out on the subject—whereby we would betray not only ourselves, but also our beliefs and those that share them.

What are your thoughts?

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