Science In Context


I realise this is a reiteration of my previous blog, I’ll Have What She’s Having, but I think this perhaps simplifies the matter a little better.

Written along the lines of children’s catechism, a brief Q & A.

Q: What is science?

A: Whatever the experts tell us it is.

Q: How do we know that science is true?

A: By following the scientific method.

Q: But a lot of science is beyond the grasp of laypersons, such as myself.

A: Then become an expert: Dedicate your life to studying the fields of science.

Q: But what if I don’t have time to dedicate my life to the fields science?

A: Then you’ll just have to trust those who do.

The moral of the story is: We’re all sheep, but we’re sheep by choice—more or less.

We all defer to the experts. It’s just practical, really. Who has time to study these things but the professionals, themselves? We are a specialised society, and we can only perform so many functions at a given time. So just as we trust our electricians, when they tell us not to flip that switch; our mechanics, when they insist this engine needs an overhaul; our politicians, when they say it’s time to take on a new and menacing threat; we must trust our scientists and our theologians for the answers that we, ourselves, do not have the time or resources to answer.

Not to say that any of this is right or wrong—that’s for you to determine on your own—but there you have it; it’s all we have to work with, at the moment.

Who knows, perhaps one day we will achieve great wisdom, albeit not as individuals, but as a collective consciousness. Then again, if Twitter and Facebook are any indication, perhaps it will be our own undoing.

What are your thoughts?

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