Just A Reminder


Bipartisan politics is a polarizing trick to divide, control, and predict the masses. It’s an illusion of Democracy and it plays upon our need to fit in and identify with a group. But we are more complex than that. This nation faces complex tasks which require complex solutions.

My assessment is this: We’re trying to write out the solutions to this nation’s problems with just two keys of a grossly incomplete keyboard, and that should be a clear sign that we need help. (Red-Blue-Red, S.O.S., dit-dah-dit, that’s all I hear, and that’s all the world hears too.)

Underneath all of the campaign posters, muffled beneath the prevailing voices, there are alternatives. Seek out those alternatives. It’s time this nation took off those outdated 3D glasses and started seeing reality again for the vivid world that it is. For some, perhaps for the very first time.

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  1. Well, this an outsider POV but for me US politics are too much about opportunism and bid for who has the best platform (not necessary for them to actually abide it, just to have it is enough). 2 main parties, that are basically identical in doctrine. A little socialism here and there might do wonders. Obviously under a different name as any average american knows “socialism = communism and communism is bad”.
    That’s not to say that many different parties are a good thing. In Europe we constantly have struggles between parties. Essentially they ally with one another to topple the party who won the elections. Is chaos really. Socialists ally themselves with liberals to take down conservatives and then settle the differences between themselves by re-allying themselves with conservatives to topple the one who is actually in control and so on.
    Really the best thing about US system is that you don’t see that kind of struggle and unholy alliances.
    OTOH, US is the only country that I know of where the party who lost the elections decided to make their own country and went to war for it.
    Jokes aside, alternatives might be good as long as a system is in place to prevent internal struggle once a party does wins the elections. In the pre-WWI period, there was a tendency in european countries to allow a law (which was eventually abolished everywhere as un-democratic) that basically gave the party won won the most votes automatically 75% of the parliament (or senate) to prevent those struggles. Obviously to introduce something like this now would mean to modify the constitution and the politicians everywhere might not show the will for it.

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