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This blog was published in early 2011. I’ve updated and corrected many redundancies, misspellings, grammatical and syntactical errors. Many paragraphs were moved, while others deleted. It is for this reason that WordPress has seen fit to publish this as a new blog. It is not. But I hope you will appreciate it, all the same.

-T.S. Vandenberg

I would like to propose to you a dream, my dream

You see, I dream of a world of true and total freedom. Where information is free, truth is not hidden, or exchanged for a hefty price, and knowledge of all things (both good and evil) is considered a sacred right.

I believe also that myths have their places, as do all half-truths. And that as long as we take them all with a grain of salt, the dangers of a little knowledge can be kept at bay.

I believe in music, literature, dance, art in all forms of expression. And that is what has led me here today.

Can you hear it? The quartz is singing!

I would go so far as to say that most of us probably don’t hold a whole truth (in all its dimensions) in our head for any given instance; or if we do, not for very long. We break it down and analyse it individually, which is where most of us go wrong. For you see, no one truth is wholly valid. On its own, it lacks context; the bigger picture, if you will. Truth is but a facet upon a greater gem of comprehension. To deny all others is to deny its complexity, its completeness. In that sense, it is inherently flawed and, for most purposes, worthless.

Where is all this going?

I’m taking about sexuality. And if you will bear with me a little longer, I would like to share a statement I made a couple of months back on via TwitLonger:

Why do they not yet see that as long as what we do is consensual and private, no one should have any say if we are gay or straight; prefer to jerk off to ourselves in the mirror (yes crossdressers, I know that’s what you’re up to); like to take it up the butt while going down on someone in a clown suit; are into extreme fisting porn; or doing it for money.

Fair is fair. This is our country too! And if the law doesn’t like it, the law can find another land to serve.

Because here sex isn’t just sex. Sex is a means of channeling a deeper part of ourselves. It’s how we unwind, it’s how we open up. And in some cases, it’s the only line of work that is being true to nature. Some of us are just born sexual creatures. Now why should they ever want to take that away from us?

I had posted this in response to some news I had been following and felt outraged enough to respond in kind. But my point was, and is, quite clear: Whether the conservatives or fundamentalists want to admit it, sex is, and always will be, an important aspect of our culture. And it’s just one facet that makes this gem of humanity so breathtaking.

Sexuality is not just a means of expression between two persons.

It is a means of expression, period. The very nature of it is full of so many complexities, the only way to describe it is art. Now, whether that art is kept private, or on exhibition [in pornography, for example] is strictly up to the artist. I would also like to point out that all men may not be destined to be painters, nor all women sculptors. And whether it is a part of you or not, it is no one’s place to say when or how you should express it. Given, you can teach almost anyone the mechanical and superficial details of it, but that does not mean their heart is in it; nor are they under any obligation perform.

The point is, no matter whether you are a performance artist, or a loving spouse, your body is your body, and no man or woman should ever have any say in what you do with it.

About ☤ T.S. Vandenberg

I am nothing if not my mind. My words are a reflection of my mind. Within them, I am eternal. Without them, I am lost eternally. As you continue to read, a convergence of minds begins to takes place. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Within you, I may linger. Without you, I am exhibited.

What are your thoughts?

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