Many of us have made the mistake of believing that just because we have  discovered that there is a possibility (a plausible theory) that explains why we are the way we are, this somehow validates us, as if it were true.

The truth is, plausibility is not tantamount to empirical evidence. Maybe we are and we aren’t born that way. But to act as if a plausibility is true is, consequently, fallacious. So while a theory may have come about through scientific means, citing it as if it were empirical evidence is not scientific at all. Yet this is the same fallacy we find in those following organised religion.

To put it plainly: It’s nothing more than hope rolled up into a tangled ball of a faith that either cannot be proved, or we do not want to be proven. Because, in the end, we’re not searching for answers, we’re searching for excuses. But my words alone won’t keep you from searching, nonetheless. That’s how you came across my blog in first place — isn’t it?

So as long as you are going to be searching for a rhyme or a reason that explains why you are the why you are, perhaps you can take a bit advice with you before you go:  For every answer, every explanation that you come across in your search, take them all (or at least most of them) with a grain of salt. But in the meanwhile, ask yourself this: Do I really need to come up with an explanation to be myself? To excuse myself? Or what will it take for me to just be?

Sometimes it’s when you stop looking that the answer reveals itself.

(this article is in response to those of within LGBT community who cite various theories for why we may be born this way, yet treat them as fact)

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