If You Could Only Imagine


The following is both a creative writing exercise, and a spiritual exploration; humouring a certain train of thought, sparked by recent events of unprecedented violence and chaos. Please, bear with me?

If you only had the eyes, every day it would startle and amaze you. It’s dazzling, and awe-filling: High above the world, cradling our special ball is the most amazing field encompassing all life upon it. Coursing through every living being, extending beyond our physical limits, every man and woman is a conduit for this magnificent field.

And the saddest, most tragic truth is, even with seven billion living people on this world, the field is weaker than ever. It’s fading. It’s dying. And very soon, it’s protection will be lost, and reality will ensue. Reality is very harsh, and cruel, and unyielding. Reality is a chaos that favours no one. And we have been protected from most of that chaos for so long. But no longer. The forces are overwhelming, like the deep pressures upon a submarine, they threaten to crush us in.

How is it that this could ever come to be? That our protection should not be stronger, yet weaker than ever? Because at one time, we knew that we were more than matter. That we were part of the sacred force of life itself. And that if enough of us were sincere, and had room enough in our hearts, and our spirits were strong, we could extend these protections as they cascaded throughout our people, amplifying our life force as we warded off the brunt of the agents of chaos.

And for so long, it worked. But over time, we had forgotten our ways. (We began to question why we did what we did; why we held on to the rules that we followed; the disciplines that we adhered to; yet either forgot or outright refused the answers.) We took for granted the protection from the abstract, and so became focused on the material. And now we are materialists, and live not for the benefit of us all, yet mostly for ourselves. And so we are divided in mind and spirit, and thus cut ourselves off from the protections of the sacred force.

Now, I wish I could say that the sky is falling. And if it only were, the vacuum of space would surely suck us out, and we’d be lost into oblivion. As it is, I am afraid will we have to face a fate far worse than that. For you see, Disease, famine, and discord will give fear a new meaning. Nightmares never before imagined will cross over into our realm, and haunt us in and out of our sleep. At one time, such things would have inspired writers to compose the greatest thrillers, but those arts will be abandoned under these times of duress.

For those who have already made peace with it, my advice to you is this: Try to open your minds and hearts and admire this phenomenon while you still can; that you may remember and appreciate it, years after it’s gone.

And for everyone else: Try to hang on?

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  1. I really believe that we are, for the most part, insulated from chaos. For as hard as can be, at times, I think it could be a lot worse. At any moment, everything could go wrong, and with no apparent reason. Yet it doesn’t. The probability is low, for now. But I strongly suspect that that probability is largely inflated. And should that mysterious factor be pulled out of the equation, we would find the life in this world largely inhospitable. It is then, perhaps, that this factor is what led the way to wealth, science, and innovation. Without the agents of chaos acting to destroy our devices, we had more time to elaborate, and refine our discoveries. It led the way to a golden age. Over the last ten-thousand years, we have made unprecedented leaps and bounds from the humble beginnings of our ancestors. And while our history is not without interruption from those forces, we still managed to overcome them the diligence of spirit.

    But now we are globalised. Integrated. And the world is becoming largely centralised. Power is being consolidated on every content, and soon that power will concentrate on one focal point. There is a reason I agree with many Libertarians. They want to de-centralise the government. They want to give more power, more discretion to the states. Why? Because if any one of us fucks up, it doesn’t spread to the whole. It gives that state time to heal on its own, instead of cascading throughout, sickening the body of the nation. I really think that because of globalisation, we have spread our disease to the world, and soon, as we are united as one, we will fall as one.

    And in the meanwhile, each limb gets weaker by the day as the body of the world is quickly infected throughout. Perhaps, this necrosis will justify the fears that so many have a zombie invasion. Only the zombieness won’t be the disease of man, but geo-political. As the undead corpse of the world powers seeks to consume us all, for the light that remains of our spirits.

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