Gay Pride


Today Activist and Actor, George Takei, shared with us a rather disturbing photo that a fan took during Gay Pride. This is a very sensitive issue, but one that I’ve felt very strongly about for some time. If I may, I would like to share my thoughts with you now.

It has become clear to me that, when dealing with the LGBT community during our festivities, the police are obliged to enforce a different set of rules than they otherwise would. Specifically, in dealing with public nudity — an infraction that is likely to incur one a sex offender title for something as trivial as urinating in public — such laws are forgotten or ignored during Gay Pride. Public decency is an untouchable issue for them,  as none dare enforce those laws, for fear of the inevitable lawsuits and spun stories that would emerge.

Personally, I do not believe this type of behaviour is appropriate in public. If nudity is a necessary element in the freedom of expression during such celebrations, I feel it should remain private, contained within the stadiums and convention centers, and restricted from minors.

As you know, I am something of a moderate. Conservative to Liberals, while Liberal to Conservatives. And thus, I believe in compromise. But the behaviours permitted during such festivities are not compromises.  They are concessions. And I ask you:  How many more concessions should we make, in order to make the Gay Community feel more comfortable? Where do we draw the line?

I can tell you, while I haven’t seen it firsthand, there are countless reports of lascivious behavior, nothing short of oral sex, leading up to full on coitus that have taken place in public, during such events. And so, naturally one would argue: “But look at the animals. Do they exercise such discretion? No, because they have no reason to be ashamed of these things. And if we are not ashamed, why should we hide them from others?  Clearly, it’s merely a means of expression that we deny ourselves.”

Naturally, one should come to conclusions of self-oppression, right? But then, we would be no better than mere savages. There is a price to pay for rising above one’s animal behaviour. Yet in doing so, we find there is an even greater reward: It’s the civilised, modern world that we enjoy today.  But I don’t think enough of us appreciate where all of that came from, what it took to get this far. And so I ask you, again: Where do we draw the line? And when?

You see, while I admonish them for such behaviours, this really is my community, my people; and yet I am ashamed of it. I thought Gay Pride was supposed to be about a celebration of our love: A love without the boundaries of a binary system of gender! But I was wrong.  Turns out, from day one it’s always been about sex, sex, sex! But it’s not just sex, it’s lust. It’s objectification. The virtues of selfless love and monogamy are lost upon all too many in the community. And then I have to ask myself: Why fight so hard for an institution we do not truly believe in? And that leads me to my next blog:

Marriage Equality: The Carrot on the Stick

Until then, please feel free to keep the conversation going by posting your opinions in the comments below?

Love always,

T.S. Vandenberg ^,^

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    • It’s not appropriate, gay or straight. And this is during Gay Pride. That’s usually in the downtown, public areas. Why invite families to these events while we’re allowing this kind of behaviour to continue? I know, you’re going to cite Mardi Gras, but that’s not appropriate, either.

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