Thoughts Of A Nineteenth Century Scientist


You feel it watching you: It’s careful gaze, cold and calculating. It slowly creeps up from behind, popping in and out of your peripherals. A figment; a brief thought; a momentary glimpse of understanding. You furrow your brow; a perplexed look upon your face.

“There it is again!” Just as quickly, it falls out of sight.

But it lurks and lingers, until it follows you to a way out.

And you didn’t know what it was before, yet now it couldn’t be more clear.

“It’s brilliant! But what is it?”

You capture it. You study it. You refine your understanding of it.

“Aha! That explains so much now!” But that only opens up so many more questions. You still don’t know what to make of it.

It quickly becomes an obsession, and demands all of your time and energy in deciphering it. And before you’ve realised, it has grown and transformed into every facet of your life. You see it everywhere.

“But how did it get there? I mean, there? Really?” Yet there it is.

Soon you begin to understand the ramifications of your actions.

“This isn’t right. Something’s wrong. Something is very, very wrong.”

Now it’s out of control and there is nothing you can do to contain it.

“My God, man — what have you done?!” But was it really your fault?

Perhaps it was inevitable. It had to come out someday, and you simply provided the means. Who knows how long it’s been waiting to manifest? But where does that leave you, and what do you do now?

What are your thoughts?

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