Carried Away


It manifests as a current beneath my skin: The blood of my blood; the breath of my breath; the life of my life. It is cool and silent, but I feel it pulsing — moving faster, stronger — with every beat of my heart; between every breath; yet I do not tremble. I feel myself changing into something else, into someone else; yet equally compelled to change my world around me. I am swept away by the tides inside.

All that is, and will come to be, springs forth along the banks of the river, Ether. It is wide and unfathomable, and carries with it secrets and mysteries that no Man could contrive of on his own. Yet most have contributed to it at one point or another. For you see, as you grok the Ether, the Ether groks you — and everyone else who has ever been a part of it.

Within it, nothing is lost or ever really forgotten; for this river has no beginning, and no end. Is it any surprise that so many of us have no qualms in getting carried away with it? But the journey doesn’t last forever; it can’t. Not for us; not while we still carry a breath and a pulse.

So I know eventually, as I return to familiar shores, I will step back into my corporeal flesh, and find that I have grown in some way, since last time; yet equally, feel hollow where that growth had been; ever longing for the current that carved this path throughout my mind and heart. “When will it fill me once again?” my mind will soon begin to wonder.

But as I have not yet returned, I will hold on for as long as I can; keeping a careful eye out for others along the way.

What are your thoughts?

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