Awaken Into Oblivion


I fell asleep and found myself in a dream. The dream was so very real. I could not recognise where I was, and then I realised I was alone in a world not my own. I turned around, and there you were. But where was I?

The air around me was cold and still, yet grew warmer the more I took it in. I stood upon an empty plane, with neither trees, or valleys, nor mountains, or any form of life. The earth was glass beneath my feet; pink and frosty. The sky above was empty space; black and without clouds, yet filled with a million brilliant glowing stars, glaring with anticipation. And facing down, as if ready to crush us, was a planet very much like Saturn. Eerie, how I felt so small at that moment.

And as I looked at you, I saw that look in your eyes I’ve seen a hundred times before. You were happy, and at peace, and you wanted to show me something. But where could we go? There was absolutely nothing for as far as the eye could see. Still, I followed you, all the same. And then, before I knew it, you led me to the edge of the world. Unaware was I, that the upon this earth of glass, water had been flowing beneath my feet. Strange how I did not hear the sound of it before. Yet at the edge, I heard its roar; this waterfall spilling into the oceans of the universe.

You told me that you wanted us always to be together; tears rolling down your face. I looked down, in guilt, my heart beginning to stir. Then you told me that this edge led to Oblivion, and if we lept together, we could leave this world and be together forever. Tears, now, began to flow down my cheeks. I told you that I loved you, and I always have, and then we kissed. Then you took my hands firmly and I felt my heart suddenly fall out my chest. In one fluid motion, we swung out our arms and lept together, into Oblivion, and I awoke.

What are your thoughts?

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