Attention: Transwomen


Is it too much to ask to find a balanced (within tolerance) transgendered woman who does not overly sexualise and objectify herself as the fetishist crossdressers do? Truly, this is misogyny in women’s clothing.

Thirty to forty-year old transwomen are behaving like hypersexual girls (teens to mid twenties). How have we not already grown up yet?

Yes, we may have skipped that period in our lives — and yes, it was denied of by many factors, not the least of which was our assigned gender at birth — but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to live out that part of our lives in nearly all facets of our transition. Sexuality is merely one facet in the glimmering jewel of our lives. So why are we selling ourselves so short? Have we really so little confidence in our personalities?

I challenge you all, my male-to-female transgendered readers, to portray yourself in a way that highlights that part of yourself that you secretly have the most pride in. Are you artistic, are you intellectual, are detail oriented? Whatever  makes you you, show off that side of yourself in your photos, and in your bios. Because being transgendered isn’t who you are, or what you are. It’s what you just so happen to also be.


Yours truly,


T.S. Vandenberg

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  1. I guess in some cases it’s just a sexual fetish dressing and presenting oneself as overly sexualized and excessively feminine, but not something you would do full time, living as if you were a slutty porn actress or a prostitute 24 hours a day. I mean, sometimes when I masturbate I imagine myself overly sexualized, as a sexual object, but I know I will never become that in reality when I start living as female full time.

    I admit however that sometimes that is the problem with the modern LGBT activism, an excessive association with sexuality and promiscuity, like we see in gay pride parades.

  2. I see plenty of transmen who do the same thing–go overly macho and dress in the hypermasculine stereotypes. Maybe it’s part of the growing process, but like you, I wish more of us had the confidence to be our own women and men from the start instead of trying to be what we think society expects (since we were so good at that to begin with) which is usually a caricature of femininity or masculinity.

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