Time: 12:25/12:25PM
Date: 4th April, 2012
Place: Virtual world of
Activity: Friend posts photo of President Barack Obama with iconic quote


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“If we can’t take pleasure and satisfaction in concretely helping middle-class families and working-class families save money, get a college education, get health care — if that’s not what we’re about, then we shouldn’t be in the business of politics. Then we’re no better than the other side. Because all we’re thinking about is whether or not we’re in power.”


-President Barack Obama


Me: “Was this before of after his inauguration?”


Friend: “I have asked before: Unless you have the knowledge and inside information to explain how this worldwide crisis might have been better handled, take your criticism without substantiation to another page. Thank you. Between now and November, if you have a candidate promising us a better way, please, bring it to our attention. I will walk door-to-door and give my time in the commons to talk to all that will listen. I just want the best available people serving at all levels of our government.”


Me: “I understand that. And I whole heartedly agree. However, I am a firm believer in holding our elected leaders to their words.

“It doesn’t matter who you vote for, once they’re in power, as sincere as you may want them to be, don’t trust them within an inch of your life, but hold a close watch on them. Hold a gun to their proverbial head if you have to, whatever you gotta do, just make sure they don’t go back on their word, and strike you from behind.

“I voted for Obama, and I will again. But he has already burned me so badly. After he gets his second chance this next term, expect me and others to belligerently pressure him to do the right thing. Too quickly is this nation losing it’s sovereignity and philosophical identity.

“We are a nation that believes in certain inalienable rights. And yet a grave trade-off is taking place as minorities gain recognition and long-due liberties, while the whole of us sacrifice the basic fundamentals such as those of privacy, freedom of speech, habeas corpus and many others.

“I will not stand idly by as promises are left unfulfilled and forgotten; and neither should you.”

Promises, Promises….

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  1. I am not American but I agree Obama has been kind of a disappointment, at least regarding his stances on the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. We around the world keep seeing atrocious violations of human rights and war crimes like the Maywand District murders, a case that would make the My Lai massacre of the Vietnam War proud. And that’s a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize (although the Nobel Prize itself has already lost its merit for a long time).

    Jadis, I remember you were in the military for a while before transitioning. What’s your opinion on the American occupation of Afghanistan ?

    • We are creating our own enemies. We are sowing the seeds of our own demise. We are destroying these nations (and even our own) for the sake of a minority who has no regard for humanity, political loyalty, or the environment. This is insanity. It doesn’t benefit anyone. Fortunately, the gains the American people might have had is already dwindling away: The illusion of securing the American way of life of excess is quickly dissolving and revealing the light systems, tricky mirrors, and smoke generators for what they really are.

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