Prophecies For A Corporate America


So sayeth Jadis

“In the future:

Guests (Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas etc.) staying over will be deemed a crime against fair commerce, unless the hosting family: 1.a bills the guests for their stay and 1.b documents the payment 1.c pays taxes on that income; 2.a obtains a lodging permit from their county and 2.b passes zoning and health code standards with their county inspectors.

In other words:

Hospitality will thus become Corporatised. After all, that’s only outsourcing the lodging/hospitality industry, and those are our job creators! And so, if you aren’t one of the major players, and you don’t have enough capital and the know-how, then you aren’t one of our job creators and you’re not getting into the market! Which means, in all likeliness, your friends and family will be pretty much screwed.”

May your Ideal or Deit(y/ies) have mercy on us all!

About ☤ T.S. Vandenberg

I am nothing if not my mind. My words are a reflection of my mind. Within them, I am eternal. Without them, I am lost eternally. As you continue to read, a convergence of minds begins to takes place. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Within you, I may linger. Without you, I am exhibited.

What are your thoughts?

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