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What’s YOUR BIG 6-5 plan?



If you are approaching the age of 65 or above, listen up:


Take responsibility for your own life! It’s YOUR health, and YOUR retirement!


Be smart. Plan ahead. You can save up for your healthcare and retirement, or make the necessary arrangements for your timely termination.


“Don’t let your carefree lifestyle compromise the happiness of others. Talk to your doctor about Euthanasia.*”

*side effects may include headaches, sweating, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sudden chills, shortness of breath, and certain death.

“Euthanasia is not right for everyone. Ask your doctor if Euthanasia is right for you.”


Casey Anthony: A Woman With Integrity And Compassion



So I live in Arizona: A very RED, RIGHT-WINGED, REPUBLICAN state. And weeks after the trial, it seems like everyone is still on about this whole Casey Anthony debacle, and crying out “Murderer!” and “This is the O.J. trial all over again!” and whatnot. But you know, they’re wrong. It’s White, Christian, Republican, narrow-mindedness that keeps these people from attaining a balanced perspective. And really, it isn’t all as bad as it seems.

I mean think about it:

She’s a young, fun-loving, party-going, I’m-still-young-and-I-don’t-want-to-waste-a-moment-of-my-youth kinda girl! And….she’s pretty! And we all know, youth is fleeting! She simply isn’t ready to be a parent. And it’s for those reasons that abortion is readily embraced by our generation. After all, what kind of an environment is that to raise kids in? One day, you see an older male figure come into the house, there’s lot’s of noise, banging, and moaning, and in a couple of hours, he’s gone. The next day, you see another. Men coming and going. Never a real father figure to embrace. Never time to get to know anyone. Not even your mommy. Because she’s always out. Or always away. Doing mommy things. Alone. In her bedroom.

It’s not healthy. The child would have been neglected. And the mother could only have been resentful of the child “killing her buzz” any time she asked for attention. So all in all, it’s really just a bad situation for both of them.

So obviously, as it became quite clear, the only compassionate thing to do (taking into consideration the child’s diminished quality of life) was take it out back — Old Yeller style. Unfortunately, the law is so far behind the times, it fails to sympathise with these kinds of mothers, and their self-less acts of euthanasia.

Just as back in the day, when women were taking coat hangers and improvised hooks of all sorts just to terminate an unwanted pregnancy for the doctors who would deny them mercy, women like Casey Anthony have resorted to drowning their own prepubescent humanoids in an effort to escape a harsh and unsettling reality. So obviously, what we need is not to put women like these on the stand, in the hopes of trying them for murder. What we need is to re-define what it means to be human, so that incidents like this can be over-looked, and suffering women (such as Casey) can get over it and move on with their lives.

And I think I have just the solution:

It is said that the human brain does not fully form until about the age of twenty-five. So, with that in mind, it is probably best to start from there, and hold that as our national standard. Which means, for all mothers who are unprepared, disappointed, or otherwise unable to care for or accept the burden of motherhood, all individuals under the age of twenty-five will remain in a null status, and all mothers will remain exempt from their responsibilities. That is to say, any homocide committed by a mother upon a child under the age of twenty-five will be declared not a homicide, but a Retro-Active Abortion. Furthermore, if a mother finds that her progeny has become incarcerated, and that offspring is under the age of twenty-five, it is her call of whether the state may retain the individual in custody, or to be euthanised.

And if, if you look it at it all that way, I think it makes it really clear, we are not looking at bad mothers but, rather, responsible mothers having the integrity to do what is right, and insure that their children will not grow up unsuccessfully, under-privileged, or in inhospitable environments.

That’s my two-cents on the matter. Take it or leave it. Good or bad, it’s a still a compromise. And I don’t see anyone else looking at this matter so objectively.

Bite-Sized Wisdom


So I have two proverbs for you to mull over today.

For the first one, consider the doomsayers and conspiracy theorists as you read:

The most dangerous lie is the one that has truth to it.”

And for the second, think disarmament as you read:

An open secret is as good as sealed.

Together, these two proverbs yield many truths, while firmly forming the key that will open you up to a new, and dangerous way of thinking: One that we all have access to. We just have a tendency to forget, or otherwise lose our keys.

Only The Best Ingredients


In regard to the controversial immigration debate:

It is very true that we need one common tongue to unite us. Let there be no doubt that we do need one tongue to dictate and read and follow history, heritage, law and order in this sovereign nation. But do not let this tie down your heart. What makes us Americans isn’t our background. It isn’t about being privileged, or a refugee. It is not one single culture, or a handful of cultures, or of the predominant religions those people export from their countries. It is about a set of ideals, and the faith we all share within those ideals that gives us our American identities.

It is the belief that we are all born with inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and general well being. What we’ve been doing in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Libya in recent years is a testament of our dedication to those beliefs, and it is our contribution to the world. Trying to give them some of the same freedoms that we take for granted over here. A lot of us have forgotten just how good we have it. And it’s like they say, “you never fully appreciate something until it’s gone.”

Well we still have it, yet still so many of us are reluctant to share it. And while every one of us has enjoyed the American Pie, who can describe it better than those who have only just tasted it? What do you think they’d say? Certainly no less than that it is a mouthwatering beauty to behold; and a pleasure bordering on luxury to taste!

They might even go a little further and describe how much sweeter it is than caramel, as golden as the morning sun rising between the clouds, and as delicious as our hearts greatest desires! And after one bite, it’s no surprise that any of us have grown accustom to having it every single day. Freedom is an addictive confection, I think we’ll all agree.

And there is more than enough to go ’round. So why be so greedy? Those immigrants that we’ve come to resent, those men and women breaking their backs; picking the fruit that goes into that pie; they just want a little piece of it. Is that really so wrong?