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In-A-Body Experience [part: I]


High above, in the Astral Planes, spirits zap in and out of existence. Swimming here, floating there;  zooming over, under, in, out, and around one another. Jumping and bumping from one point to the next, in the blink of an eye. In this world, one comes and goes as one pleases. And yet, just as quickly as one leaves, by the time they have returned, it is as if they had never left, for time does not transpire here, as it does in the Shallow Planes.

Our story today, however, takes a glimpse from our eyes, into their world, through just one of their mind’s eyes. And this one, in particular, just had a very peculiar experience that it desperately wanted to share today.

Now, before we begin, it’s probably a good idea to get a few things clear from the get-go. You see, this story frames around an individual from a world where literally everyone is unique. Now try to understand, this word takes on a wholly different meaning with them. For when I say, “unique”, I don’t mean the unique as in, “everyone is their own individual with their own minds, hearts, experiences, and ambitions.” I don’t even mean in the way that some are born into higher or lower privileged circumstances, or of the novel names their parents will give them. Indeed, the only bond that these spirits share with one another is the fact that they are spirits. Yet this only equivalent with us in how we relate to all other forms of life on this earth; trees, mushrooms, microbes, and beasts alike.

No, by “unique,” I mean that these spirits are so entirely different from one another, that not one is bound to a single lineage. No each and every one of them is its own, “original” species, and thus, names alone cannot do them justice. To call them any less than the species that they are is not only disrespectful, it is short-sighted; which, fortunately for all of those within the Astral Plane, not one among them is, or could ever be.

However, all of that aside….it does us no good to try to define that unfathomable — at least, in our plane of existence — so for our purposes, we shall have to assign names to a couple of these Unique creatures. And, fortunately for us, as we lie within the Shallow Planes, we are not in such a position as to insult them.

So, with that said, what sort of name shall we give the subject of our observation?

David? No — too common. Donovan? Still not rare enough. Bagdemagus?

That’s from Arthurian legend, apparently. Hmmm…. But why are we only looking at male names anyway? What about female names, or neutral names? Spirits don’t really have genders, after all. They don’t reproduce. They just are, and have always been, so let’s try it from a different angle.

Lucinda, maybe? Angeline? Kelly? Alex, perhaps?

I’ve got it. For the sake of honouring this creature, in our humble was, we’ll just have to make something up and see if it sticks. I like the name “Gymnolux.” I’m not very good at Latin, I’m afraid, but if I have this right, it should mean something like “the naked light,” which is the best way to describe these creatures whenever they enter our world. But feel free to reject this and substitute your own, if you so wish. In any event, as I am the author, and you are not, I will take full advantage of my constructive license and continue with this selection, if that’s all the same to you?

[to be continued…..]




There are those who would say:

“How can there be a God? God is supposed to be perfect, yet man — his ultimate creation — is obviously flawed.”

Of course, the obvious counter-argument to that one is simple:

“Perfection is determined only by the scale upon which it is measured.”