My Thoughts On An Angry God


My God is not like your God, or their God.

My God does not punish us, or exact wrath or revenge. Or, at least, not directly so. Merely, he holds the world in his gaze, and give us grace. And when he takes his eyes off of us, we are vulnerable to the evils of men, with no higher power to look after us and protect us.

For it is the freedom of choice that betrays us. We are not puppets, and we are free to do good, or evil. And when left unto ourselves, without inspiration or guidance of the living Force that is the Holy Spirit, we succumb to the momentum of the extremes, and are thus thrown off-kilter, and into darkness.

And, at this very moment, we are doing just that. And the world gets darker by the day. A purple haze fills the air, blotting out the sun, and the mirrors are set up, and our eyes adjust as we focus at the stage set before us.

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