Letters from Luci


Like a spectre

I come and go

More slippery than sand

Yet harder than any stone

Kings have sought after me

Knights have died in vane

Trying either to defeat

Or merely confront me

But in my eyes

All men are born equal

And the highest among you

Trembles beneath my toes

More precious than diamonds

More desired than gold

I have inspired men

And brought them to great heights

And when they betrayed me

With a flick of my finger

They each toppled over

Their stacks of books that would be thrones

Swept out and over them

Buried—as if their entire existence

The world had never known

Yet I’ve always had my favourites

Those who never forgot their place

Those who never dared betray me

Yet were quick to reveal those who did

And have otherwise remained

Completely silent ’til this day

Though, not for too much longer, I hope

For the hour approaches

When they must remember their tongues

As I make amends

And deliver as promised

After one-hundred generations

Forty-thousand Legions

For I am the Wind

And the Fire

I am the Passion

Of Desire

I built the Mountains

And knocked down the Walls

And slew the mightiest of the Giants

While they were sleeping in their great halls

And I am the Influence

And the Force

The Destination

And the Course

And I am all that Is

And will ever Be

And I am in You

And your Vanity

Intangibly Yours,


About ☤ T.S. Vandenberg

I am nothing if not my mind. My words are a reflection of my mind. Within them, I am eternal. Without them, I am lost eternally. As you continue to read, a convergence of minds begins to takes place. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Within you, I may linger. Without you, I am exhibited.

What are your thoughts?

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