My cousin was assaulted
So she tried to defend herself
Passersby saw this
And held her down
She struggled
And they broke her jaw as they pulled down her pants
And raped her
I was told to look away as they did
I cried out and they ran to cover my mouth
As if to hush me
At the same time begging me to calm down
And that it was okay
After all, dressed like that,
She obviously knew what she was getting herself into

About ☤ T.S. Vandenberg

I am nothing if not my mind. My words are a reflection of my mind. Within them, I am eternal. Without them, I am lost eternally. As you continue to read, a convergence of minds begins to takes place. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Within you, I may linger. Without you, I am exhibited.

What are your thoughts?

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