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Thank God We Have All This Wool — It’s Chilly Up Here!


We are all children, our parents are children, and we now have children ourselves.

Something happened, and we didn’t grow up. And grown-ups now are few and far between.

As a society, these last few generations of ours never learned discipline, and many of us are both defiant, and easily distracted.

In this world, there have always been men, sheep, and wolves. And all of us play one role or another — and sometimes both or all.

Right now, we have some very unwise, and defiant sheep. And they are told that there are terrible wolves intentionally misleading them; deceiving them every step of the way.

But these sheep are lazy fellows, and although they insist they will not stand for anyone pulling the wool over their eyes, few would really do anything about it.

Then every now and then, someone calls out “Deception! come quickly!” and the sheep stampede in that direction to hear what he has to say. Only, far too often it just boy crying wolf. And this kind of thing goes on and on and so on.

And after a while, the sheep become wary. not all of the sheep will be so eager to listen up the next time. Little do any of them know that not all of these boys are boys at all, yet some are wolves in boys-crying-wolf clothing.

Haha! Victory! Now the sheep won’t know who to follow: the wolf disguised as the shepherd, or the wolf disguised as the boy?

Over time, it becomes apparent that someone is misleading these sheep, but who to trust or distrust? And of course, the sheep could always follow the shepherd a little more closely, study his garments, his habits, little things that might tip them off that something just isn’t right. And the same goes for each boy that pops up, crying wolf each time.

But the sheep won’t pay any mind to either of them. These sheep are lazy sheep. And they would rather have it all given to them, or none at all. Anything that takes effort takes time, and that’s time that could be spent playing, frolicking, or gossipping. Sheep love to gossip. They crave it. It adds drama to their lives. Lives that would otherwise remain placid. dull, and stagnant.

Drama is the element that drives them. And without it, the sheep would have no incentive to listen to anyone.

They need passion just to lift a leg or bend a knee. It’s a wonder that they’re actually wandering so freely. You’d thinkt them like young, fatted calves confined in a stall the way these sheep move. Least, til something pushes on them like, oh say….another a sheep, or a rod, or if some annoying voice cries out in the distance. Whatever it takes to get on their nerves, under their skin, but without going to deep. Just enough to move them for a little while in this direction or another.

My friends, I am a sheep. You are a sheep, and we are all wolves and sheep to someone. But how many of us are actually willing to stand up and be a shepherd. To stake their lives against the wolves, or to help us out when we’ve fallen into a pit? And just saying it isn’t enough! Actions are all that counts. Actions are what people see! So cover your ears and open your eyes, and pay attention to those actually working to do the most good! And if they’re not doing enough, then step up if you think you can do a better job, or at least push somebody up there who you think can!

Because we are not just sheep. We are people, and these are our lives, and our hooves. And it should be up to us to decide where to go!

Left and right, those who would actually do any real good are being nabbed in the night; soon forgotten. Perhaps if she was louder than the boy who cried wolf, or enough of us would stir as she cried out in vain, perhaps then she might be recovered!

But instead, our numbers dwindle. And that only means that we need to multiply faster. Those that really do know, need to teach others. And those who don’t know what is, but know what isn’t, they too must teach others how to spy with a sceptically trained eye!

Take one down, replace him or her with two more! It’s the only way! But we have to start moving. Because at this pace, we won’t be getting home any time within the next generation.

Passion is what we need. And true passion is what we lack. Perhaps it will take more suffering before we manifest the strength to truly stir.

Right now, a fire has broken out in the East, and the heat of it can be felt all the way over here. Still, no one stirs. No one smells the smoke, nor feels the it burning in their eyes. Because, from here, it is only a wild spark in the distance. It must be harmless. And besides, even if it were a fire, it certainly couldn’t spread this far. Or could it?

I think I’ve said all that I can say for today. Goodnight!

-Jadis Illiana Argiope


My Feelings On The Matter?


It is my firm belief that the year 2012 will be the most politically-charged year yet. And that everything we have born witness to this year, and from here on out, is only laying the fuse; while we all anxiously await 2012 — the spark.

That all said, gathering some cotton, wax, and a strong rope might be a prudent idea about now.