Monthly Archives: January 2011

Appreciating The New Year


Well, we have a whole new year ahead of us. And it stands uniquely before each of us. For now, it is vast and seemingly infinite, full of endless potential, and hidden possibilities. Yet the closer we get to it, the smaller it will seem to be; almost as if it’s getting just that much further from our grasp….

….the decisions you and I make will determine how we can explore this new year, and how much we can take out of it once it has passed. Choose all of your moves carefully yet swiftly….

….for each year is timid and elusive. And if you are too hasty or careless or, if for an instant, you take your eye off of it, if just for a moment, you will find that has already darted into the fold from whence it came, and will lose it forever….

….merely glimpses, shadows, spectres in the corners: its piercing, twinkling eyes spying back at you every now and then, until you bring your own to meet with it, and it’s gone once again.

-Jadis Illiana Argiope